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Spiritual Services

Spiritual Wellness

My goal is to make Spirituality a part of your everyday life. As you have regular appointments with your Doctor, Dentist, Gynaecologist, Optometrist, Hairdresser or any other professional I believe your Spirituality should receive the same care and attention. Having a Spiritual reading or Energetic Healing should be part of your health maintenance regime. We tend to neglect our Spiritual or Energetic self without realising that for complete health ALL aspects of our Mind Body and Soul need to be attended to and nurtured.

Private Readings with……

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At Heart and Soul Healing there are many forms of Spiritual services to offer you from accurate and insightful readings to profound spiritual healings. As a Spiritual Psychic Medium I am able to connect with your loved ones who have passed over. Through these connections, your loved ones are able to offer you comfort and guidance and to assure you that even though they are no longer part of your physical world they are still very much a part of your life. Appointments by bookings only. Please call me on 0414799425 to make yours today.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sheree McPake

I am honoured and humbled to provide Spiritual readings at Heart and Soul Healing alongside. My aim is to provide connection and also to encourage anyone interested in building on his or her own spiritual connection and self development. Working intuitively has helped every aspect of my life and I would like to share this with you through my readings with Spirit. I will be working at Heart and Soul Tuesday to Saturday. For all bookings contact me on 0468856064  or email info@heartandsoulhealing.com.au

Our Readings

All aspects of spirit are approached with respect, care, sensitivity and absolute discretion (hence NO recordings of any sessions are permitted due to Policy and the relevant Legislative Privacy Acts. A connection with Spirit brings a level of reverence that we both take seriously and all care is taken to ensure you are comfortable and secure in the knowledge that all connections come from a place of ethical sincerity and professionalism.

Private Phone readings are also available on request (subject to approval & availability for those unable to attend the rooms in person. Please call or email for further information.

Snap Readings we also offer a snap reading whereby you can email your question/s to us via the online shop order and we will email back your reading within 24-48 hours. So no matter where you are getting a great reading really is a ‘snap’!

Group Readings are also available on request (subject to approval & availability). Group Readings can be a another way to receive a reading from Spirit in the comfort and security of a group setting with family and friends. Please call or email for further information.

Important Disclaimer
While we may intuit health issues I cannot diagnose medical conditions, we can provide insight only. Please refer at all times any concerns and issues to your health care professionals in all heath related matters. Information provided during a reading is intended as guidance only. As Spiritual Medium it is our intention to interpret to the best of our ability all the communication being received from your loved ones in Spirit. Through this information we hope to assist you with the tools necessary to make informed choices of your own free will. We can guide and support but not interfere with your own progress forward. Our aim and intention is to always work from a basis that is Professional Ethical and Confidential . Ultimately this is your journey at all times.