Soul Drumming Workshops with one for the kid too…on Sunday 25th October 2015

Another awesome Soul Drumming Workshop..... with Heart and Soul Soul Drummer is once more bringing the beat of Africa to your Heart and Soul...and this time the kids have their own workshop too! Drumming is as old as civilisation itself and is a core instinct each and every person is born with in every corner [...]

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Reiki Workshops 2016

Reiki Workshops for 2016 Reiki Level II - Will be held on 2nd and 3rd April 2016. The Reiki Level II 2 day course will help strengthen your Reiki connection and skills as well as avail you of the use and application of the sacred symbols used by Mikao Usui. Students will aslo learn the [...]

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Night with Heart and Soul…Connecting you to your loved ones in Spirit

Join Gail and Sheree for a night with Heart and Soul where we will be presenting readings in a Platform Presentation Style. This night will be held at Heart and Soul Bowral at 4/368 Bong Bong St Bowral As Spiritual Mediums we will connect with your loved ones who have passed to bring you their messages [...]

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Meditation Classes

Feeling tired, overly emotional, stressed, do you need clarity, insight and intuition? Then let regular Meditation practice be the healthy and empowering answer you have been looking for. Science has now proven what Eastern meditation practitioners have known for centuries. That is regular meditation has positive and lasting affects on overall health during and after [...]

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