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I am extremely honoured and excited to be working full time with Gail at Heart and Soul Healing.

I started my journey as a child where I would see or feel spirit, not knowing what I was seeing or feeling and fearing the “ghosts”. I put these thought and feelings on the back burner, firstly to cope with what I couldn’t understand and then because life became busy.

It was after I lost a dear work colleague that I made the decision to change my life. I started to focus on self-development and with self-development came spiritual development. I spent years developing and honing my skills to bring you a professional and qualified service. I am unable to put into words the way connecting to spirit has changed my life for the better but I can say it was instrumental in reducing my anxiety, stress and self-doubt. I believe each and every person is capable of having that same connection and am happy to encourage and direct you to achieve this.

I will be offering Spiritual readings (face to face or via phone or email), Reiki, Reiki massage, Relaxation massage, Crystal healings or a blend of all the above.

I receive my messages from spirit through four different ways. These can be through Hearing- listening to what is spirit is saying, Seeing – these can be displayed to me like watching a movie scene or as a still shot, Feeling – feeling the emotions they are trying to communicate and by Knowing- there may not be pictures, words, feelings or sounds, just knowing what messages you need to be told.

Each session is catered individually for you and is based on your needs at the time. I always trust that Spirit knows what you need on that day.

I am available Tuesday through to Saturdays at Heart and Soul Healing and pride myself on offering a professional confidential and ethical service. To book an appointment please contact me on 0468 856 064 or through info@heartandsoulhealing.com.au

I look forward to connecting to and for YOU!