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It was the passing of my father that gave me the courage to embrace and trust my connection to Spirit and therefore myself. This trust has led me on this most wonderful life journey I now find myself on.

When I lost my Dad it was like coming out of a fog that I had been hiding behind for most of my life. It was a fog of fear and doubt of all the many experiences I had been denying or running from since I was a very small child. My Dad was the person I trusted most in the world. At the moment of his passing Dad showed me his heaven and this gave me immediate comfort and validation that he was happy, safe and had found his way home. This is what truly inspired me, this sense of peace and comfort at such a terrible time. I decided that very day to embrace and share this sense of peace and comfort to all who experience grief loss trauma and challenge in their lives.

I opened Heart and Soul Healing with a vision and belief that the best Holistic Healing experience would result from combining a variety of proven and result driven Complementary Therapies with authentic and heart centered Spiritual Services.

There has been much study, literature and attention given over the years to the power of the Mind to create and reinforce positive change. I can definitely see the benefits from this school of thought.

However I still felt a void in this ideal that needed to be filled after working with a countless number of clients. This void and my endless contemplation of what creates and sustains personal self development and growth led me to a huge realization, or what could be called an epiphany that became the anchor and the basis for all my work and indeed my life. This light bulb moment became the acknowledgment of what I consider the supreme power to affect positive change that drives all healing of Mind Body and Soul.

This is the power of the Heart.

It is an honour and a privilege to be part of someone’s personal healing journey, whether for a one off treatment or as an ongoing service. I am constantly in awe and humbled when working and seeing the effect and empowerment that working with and from the Heart can have on people’s lives.